Initially taught by the artist Tony Rothon, I now work on my own and with studio groups in London, concentrating mostly on still-life and interiors, with occasional figures (and the odd landscape now and then).

Painting is about what to leave out, as much as what to put in.  From my work as an editor, I’m used to cutting stuff back until the shape feels right, and playing with the details until it makes sense.  I often paint into previous images so that I have something to ‘edit’ in the first place (and so that traces of the original work add their own ambiguities), using the paint to explore and define form and always allowing it to be paint – a principle learnt from Tony Rothon. I work chiefly in oil on board (I like the grain of the wood and the resistance of the surface) and I also make my own frames: the certainties of measuring, sanding and fixing tend to be a reassuring contrast to the unpredictability of paint.

Prices from around £300 to £650.  For more work, including current projects, see my Instagram account: caro.atkins.  If you are interested in a particular painting, please contact me via the contact form for information about size and price.


Royal Academy (Summer Exhibition 2015, 2020)

Mall Galleries (with the New English Art Club, June 2018, June 2019)

Chelsea Art Society (June 2014, 2015, 2016, October 2017, June and October 2018, June 2019)

Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham (May 2013 and September 2016, plus inclusion in gallery Summer and Christmas shows 2014-20)

Gallery 286, Earl’s Court (Christmas show 2017)

54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market (Take Four joint show, May 2017)

writer • editor • painter

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