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The people in the room
The people in the room (oil on board)
One of the girls.jpg
One of the girls (oil on board)
the brown waistcoast
The brown waistcoat (oil on board)  SOLD
cloche hat
Cloche hat (oil on board)  SOLD
Flowers in her hair
Flowers in her hair (oil on board)
Sewing (oil on board)
phaedra standing
Phaedra standing (oil on board)
girl in the mirror
Girl in the mirror (oil on board)  NFS
Version 2
Beside the roses (oil on board)  SOLD
romanos, the day the model didnt come
Tite Street artist, the day the model didn’t come (oil on board)  SOLD
a glass of wine
A glass of wine (oil on board)  SOLD
sky 2
Sky, in the studio (oil on board)
out of the red
Out of the red (oil on board)


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