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Socially distanced chair (oil on canvas)  SOLD


Turkish Delight
Turkish delight (oil on board)  SOLD


Kitchen counter
Kitchen counter (oil on canvasboard)  SOLD


remains of the bouquet copy
Remains of the bouquet (oil on canvasboard)  SOLD


Version 2
Studio shelf II (oil on board)  SOLD


hellebores in the kitchen
Hellebores in the kitchen (oil on board)  SOLD


Table in a spring window (resized)
Table in a spring window (oil on board)  SOLD


Green glass
Green glass (oil on board)  SOLD


Anemone & hyacainth copy
Anemone and hyacinth (oil on board). Shown at the NEAC annual exhibition 2019  SOLD


Orange chair
The orange chair (oil on board)  SOLD


red handle from iphone
Caught red-handled, with Iona’s garden roller (oil on board). Shortlisted, RA Summer 2017  SOLD


summer in a blue jug
Summer in a blue jug (oil on board)  SOLD


Fish (oil on canvas). Shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015  SOLD


French kitchen
French kitchen (oil on board)  SOLD


leaf and stem resized unframed
Leaf and stem (oil on board)


a coil of wire
A coil of wire (oil on board)  SOLD


Spring or autumn
Spring/Autumn (oil on board)  SOLD


Pomegranates (oil on board)  SOLD


mirko's hyacinth, burano
Mirko’s hyacinth, Burano (oil on board)  SOLD


Jug and board
Jug and board (oil on board)  SOLD


kitchen shelf unframed
Kitchen shelf (oil on board)  SOLD


The white pillar
The white pillar (oil on board)


red onion, black vase
Red onion, black vase (oil on board)  SOLD


Cornflowers and sweet william
Cornflowers and sweet william (oil on canvas board)  SOLD


window sill
Window sill: Where the light falls (oil on board)  SOLD


Disappearance of an orange jug (oil on canvas)  SOLD


Version 2
Studio shelf (oil on board)  SOLD


Shadow fruit 1
Shadow fruit 1 (oil on board)  SOLD


Version 2
Shadow fruit 2 (oil on board)  SOLD


Shadow fruit 3
Shadow fruit 3 (oil on canvas)  SOLD


the invitation
The invitation (oil on board)  SOLD


chinese lanterns orig
Chinese lanterns (oil on board). Shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015  SOLD


The green sewing box
The green sewing box (oil on board)  SOLD


a sense of mimosa
A sense of mimosa (oil on board)  SOLD


French enamel with pomegrantes
French enamel with pomegranates (oil on board)  SOLD

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