Press reviews

hatchards 2

I’ve been thrilled to see What a Hazard a Letter Is in such good company at bookshops including Hatchards (above), Daunt and Waterstones – and by the reviews in newspapers and magazines.  And I love the way it seems to have tapped into a revival of interest in the whole idea of traditional, stamp-and-envelope correspondence.

‘It’s a charming book, witty, original and wise.’   Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

‘This gloriously varied collection… Within these fascinating pages jostle Beethoven, John F Kennedy, Van Gogh, Boris Johnson, Oscar Wilde, John Major and more.’  Bel Mooney, Daily Mail

‘Caroline Atkins’ sparkling collection…  a great idea for a book.’  Cressida Connolly, Spectator

‘It’s an enchanting book and, quite soon, any country-house bedroom that doesn’t have it on one of its occasional tables won’t be worth sleeping in…  Don’t deprive yourself a moment longer.  Buy the book.’  Clive Aslet, Country Life

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